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VOL teaches an approach to change that equally emphasizes material and non-material needs and supports individuals, students, and groups & organizations to exist differently.

How does VOLs Work Facilitate Existing Differently? 


Over the last 400 years we have created great technological advancements and changed the climate in ways that make the world unstable. This lack of balance is produced by systems, institutions, and a way of existing that emphasizes material needs and neglects our non-material needs. To restore balance, we need to exist differently. We need relationships, systems, and institutions that emphasize material and non-material needs equally.

Visionary Organizing creates practices and systems that equally emphasize our material and non-material needs. Visionary Organizing results in communities, institutions, and organizations that exist differently because the practices and systems it creates are equally committed to material and non-material needs.

Through media, workshops, classes, trainings, and consulting, Visionary Organizing Lab teaches Visionary Organizing to three audiences:

  • Individuals who want to transform their communities

  • Groups, organizations, and workplaces that want to create dignity affirming cultures, practices, and systems

  • Students who want to take the skills and components of Visionary Organizing out into the world

What might Existing Differently look like? 

Screen Shot 2023-04-28 at 4.01.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-28 at 4.08.31 PM.png
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